Health Science Information

Health Science Information

Health Science
Health science is the scientific study of topics related to health. The main objective of health science is to understand the biological, chemical, and physical processes of the body for the purpose of improving health, longevity, and the quality of life. Health science also studies diseases to understand pathological processes. Detailed knowledge of disease processes makes it possible to develop drug therapies and surgical treatments. Health science also includes the study of biochemistry, epidemiology, and genetics.,

Hints for Searching Health News
You can obtain reliable health information from refereed medical journals by searching the repositories of the National Institutes of Health and other government agencies. Restrict your search to government domains:

Example:      prostate cancer

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Soy Beans

Health News
Eating Soy Foods In Puberty Protects Against Breast Cancer. Evidence is growing from animal and human studies that genistein, an isoflavone found in soy, protects against development of breast cancer ... See full story

Generic Drugs
Are generic prescription drugs just as good as brand-name medicines? Patients, physicians, employers, politicians agree that generic medicines cost less than a third of the brand-name drugs they mimic. In turn, the competition they provide drives down the cost of those first-to-market drugs. Officials of the Food and Drug Administration insist this feat of economics comes without any compromise to a medicine's effectiveness. ... See full story